Benjamin Palmer

Facebook Makes Brands Stupid

Sometimes it seems like all the reblogging and reposting and retweeting is a bit of a Ponzi scheme: Someone at the top of the pyramid gets a lot of credit, […]

The Next Stop for Location Services

Just when you’re getting used to Foursquare and Gowalla and Yelp and Facebook Places, there are new apps to check out. Since checking-in has gone mainstream, there are a few […]

The Facebook Dilemma

Facebook privacy — or the lack thereof — has been in the news a lot, which is ironic because Facebook is a platform ostensibly based entirely on sharing. Obviously, people […]

Is It a Post-Web World?

The cover story of the last issue of Wired was called “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet.” The gist of the article — which to me was a […]

(Not So) Annoying Places

I dragged half a dozen people to a new panini place after a meeting the other day because it had a Foursquare check-in offer: buy-one-get-one-free when you check-in with a […]

Take a Walk on the Client Side

It’s hard to sell a client new ideas — especially digital ones. While I’m sure selling traditional ideas isn’t easy either, at least the medium is consistent. In the digital […]

Majority Report

Technology is driving human behavior at such a pace that it has surpassed content as a mass motivator. If you’ve ever worked with a hardware company, you know about the […]

Sales, Sales, Sales

Recently I went to the Web sites of some major athletic brands to do a little shopping. I didn’t actually intend to buy online — I was just browsing so […]

The Digital World Goes Out and About

Integration used to mean your microsite looked like your TV and print ads, and your TV spots were tagged with a URL. The notion was solid at the time: TV […]

The iPad Touch

I bought an iPad and it’s totally awesome. It’s a great, big iPhone without the phone and it will be a big success not only for Apple, but everyone that […]