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Zenapse Raises $8 Million to Expand AI Large Emotion Model (LEM) SaaS Platform

Naples Technology Ventures, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Broad Street Angels, BaseCamp Ventures Invest in Google Startup Partner Company Seed Round

Zenapse, the AI SaaS marketing platform, today announced they have so far raised $8 million for a seed funding round to help marketers build emotionally intelligent experiences using their proprietary Large Emotion Model (LEM). Zenapse, a Google Cloud Startup Partner, is led by a core team of successful serial entrepreneurs in marketing technology including CEO Matthew Bernardini, Chief Experience Officer Janis Nakano Spivack, Chief Technology Officer Godfrey Baker and Chief Creative Officer Christer Manning. Current customers include Sam’s Club, Aeropostale, Prosper, and Bread Financial.

Naples Technology Ventures (NTV) led the funding round with additional investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Broad Street Angels, and BaseCamp Ventures.

“Zenapse is the first mover in a SaaS category we expect to become a major part of marketing technology, using AI to empower marketing with emotional intelligence,” said Mike Abbaei, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at NTV. “They have already proven the effectiveness of their model, driving dramatic results at scale for major brands. We’re excited to be working with them at this critical stage in their company’s growth.”

Zenapse has built the world’s first Large Emotion Model knowledge graph called ZenVision, an AI foundation model specifically designed to empower marketing with emotional intelligence and powered by anonymous data aggregated from interactions with the world’s leading brands. ZenVision interprets insights from over 150 million consumers across 3.5 billion data points in real time. Their first product, ZenImpact Optimization Studio leverages ZenVision to deliver more effective marketing across channels in an easy-to-use platform, delivering a lift of 40-400% over standard behavioral or demographic powered experiences.

“The concept of understanding what is truly important to consumers has long been missing from marketing, and we’re confident our ZenVision Large Emotion Model is the first technology solution to solve that problem at scale,” said Matthew Bernardini, CEO at Zenapse.  “Our AI solution provides marketers with far more discerning nuance and understanding that transforms the effectiveness of their consumer interactions. We’re thrilled that so many leading investors see the potential of this game-changing approach and are excited to use this investment round to expand our product features and platform integrations.”

See the Zenapse pitch deck that helped them raise the funds in this Business Insider article.

About Zenapse

Zenapse, a Google Cloud Startup Partner, infuses customer experience with emotional intelligence. The company’s SaaS platform, ZenImpact, is built on the world’s first large Emotion Model (LEM) knowledge graph, which uses AI to interpret signals from more than 150 million consumers. Companies gain a unified view of the emotion that drives engagement and purchase through dynamic optimization of their customer experiences with relevance and resonance across marketing channels. Zenapse’s LEM improves outcomes for marketers and creates meaningful connections with customers at scale.  The privacy-safe platform automates the complexities of data science with an easy-to-implement low-code design.  For more information, please visit:

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