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XR Extreme Reach’s Oscars’ Analysis Finds Gender Equality Taking One Step Forward

The Results of XR's SuperBowl and Oscars' Studies will be Shared with BRIDGE Members on March 28th

In recent years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made strides to address the noticeable inequity of the actors and films nominated at the Oscars. In 2024, to be considered in the Best Picture category, film producers and directors were required to meet new representation and inclusion standards that were designed to encourage equitable representation on- and off-screen to better reflect the diverse global population.

As this year’s Oscars’ advertisements flighted, XR, along with its partner Kinetiq, wanted to learn if this standard transcended to television commercials that aired during the Oscars. To study this, the companies reviewed the past five years of commercials for the level of inclusivity during one of the highly-watched televised events of the year.

Leveraging sophisticated AI models, a comprehensive analysis was conducted on 264 unique commercials aired during the Oscars shedding light on the representation of gender expression, age groups, and skin tones.

Ultimately, the multifaceted study found that while there have been wins in some representation, the industry has work to do. Click here to review the report.


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