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Wunderkind Text Messages & Email Combined Drive 19% of Digital Revenue for Case-Mate

As brands try to lessen reliance on third-party cookies, Wunderkind's Identity Network is converting previously anonymous web traffic into powerful email lists

We all know email is a powerful channel for communicating with customers. But over-relying on just one format can turn into a vulnerability.

Take for instance the example of Case-Mate, a leading manufacturer of durable and fashionable phone and accessory products. Despite enjoying year-over-year revenue growth since its establishment in 2005, Case-Mate determined it was overreliant on email for customer acquisition, and sought to diversify its customer acquisition channels to meet annual revenue goals.

The solution — text messaging. As an existing customer, Case-Mate already saw the advantage of Wunderkind’s customer identification capabilities, which converts previously anonymous web traffic into powerful email lists. Adding text messaging as another channel to initiate that outreach not only made sense in theory, but the high open rates that Wunderkind text messages receive make sense in practice.

The combined power of triggered email and text messaging yielded impressive results for Case-Mate. Combined, the two channels contributed over 19% of total digital revenue, with text messages alone accounting for nearly 12% of online revenue. Taken together, the synergy between email and text messaging positioned Wunderkind as the number one paid marketing channel for driving revenue.

“We were seeing great results when we were just running triggered emails with Wunderkind,” said Robert Pierce, eCommerce Operations Manager, Case-Mate. “But, after combining email and text messages, we were shocked to see how quickly we were able to more than double that previous revenue. Being able to reach our customers across channels has helped us create truly effective one-to-one marketing messaging.”

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About Wunderkind

Wunderkind is the leading AI-driven performance marketing solution that collects consent-based, first-party data and identifies anonymous traffic for brands in order to scale hyper-personalized one-to-one messages. Brands lean on the Wunderkind Identity Network, a proprietary database recognizing 9 billion devices and 1 billion opted-in consumers, observing 2 trillion digital transactions per year, to trigger the most impactful offers to their target audience at the right moment and in the right channel. This proprietary data is accessed by Wunderkind's autonomous AI engine, which integrates seamlessly into a brand's existing ESP, to boost performance across email, text and advertising channels.

Wunderkind is the only performance solution that guarantees a lift in revenue for its clients and delivers over $5 billion in directly attributable revenue annually for brands across a number of industries, often ranking as a top 3 revenue channel in clients' own analytics platforms. Brands such as Harley-Davidson, Perry Ellis and Shoe Carnival partner with Wunderkind to drive top-line revenue through its guaranteed results. To learn more, visit