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VIZIO Ads Drives 42% Reach Lift For National Auto Brand Using Inscape Viewership Data

According to a new case study from VIZIO Ads, using viewership data from VIZIO’s Inscape ACR platform allows advertisers to measure the reach of ads between linear, AVOD and FAST programming.

Today’s advertising landscape is incredibly fragmented, with viewers consuming both TV and ads in multiple ways, including traditional linear TV, ad-supported video on demand (AVOD), and free ad-supported streaming services (FASTs). 

Measuring the reach of ads between these formats has become increasingly important to advertisers seeking more efficient ways to target campaigns to new viewers. 

According to a new case study from VIZIO Ads, using viewership data from VIZIO’s Inscape ACR platform allows advertisers to do exactly that. The example outlines how a national automotive brand used Inscape data to better target viewers above and beyond its linear TV campaign in support of a new model rollout. 

Among the results: 

  • 81% of the VIZIO TVs that served the auto company’s ad were incremental to the existing linear campaign. 
  • A 42% lift in reach against the VIZIO footprint above the brand’s linear reach (representing an additional 8.2% of VIZIO smart TV households).
  • The VIZIO targeted campaign delivered 52% of total impressions (compared to 16% for the linear-only campaign).

VIZIO’s Inscape ACR technology collects data from over 19 million smart TVs, with the unique ability to detect and track commercials across all TV inputs. Glass-level data is received across all connected devices – cable boxes, set-top boxes, DVRs, OTT devices, gaming consoles, over-the-air broadcast, native TV and more. This data allows VIZIO Ads to work with brands to plan, target, and measure campaigns against very specific campaign goals. 

[Read And Download The Full Case Study]

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