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Vertbaudet Turns First-Time Sales To Repeat Customers with Marigold

The French retailer enhances in-store and online conversions with Marigold’s email and SMS relationship marketing tools

Vertbaudet is a leading European retailer of children and family products, with over eight websites, 100 million visits, and sells more than 20 million products every year across multiple countries.

With this wide of a reach, the company needed an updated cross-channel strategy to drive conversions and build customer loyalty. But to accomplish this, Vertbaudet first needed a partner to help them build better connections with their audience through established relationship marketing practices.

Vertbaudet recognized that customers making multiple purchases were more likely to become regular customers. With that in mind, the company placed its focus on designing a “Welcome” customer journey specifically tailored for new customers who had recently made their first purchase.

To accomplish this, Marigold worked with Vertbaudet on several fronts. First was to automatically generate unique coupons for individual customers that were redeemable both online and in retail stores. Next, the company needed to coordinate marketing campaigns across multiple channels, ensuring customers were contacted through the most effective means — without duplication. Finally, Vertbaudet needed to control the frequency of messages to prevent overwhelming customers with too much information, while supporting their marketing team with automation to build internal efficiencies.

With Marigold, Vertbaudet implemented an email and SMS nurture journey targeting customers who had made their first purchase in the last three months. Marigold provided several key features to the campaign, including a self-service library of templates for Vertabudet’s marketing team, a system to generate and assign coupon codes and discounts individualized to customers, and the ability to control customer message volume.

The resulting data-centric welcome journey influenced second purchases with the use of relevant coupons, sent at optimal times. The campaign increased the average overall customer conversion rate to 42%, with in-store conversion rate was reaching 49%.

To read more about how Vertbaudet converted more repeat customers with Marigold’s relationship marketing solutions, access the full case study here.

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