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TripleLift’s Alexander Herguth Talks 2023 Top Payors and Ad Tech with OAREX

With an excellent track record of timely payments, TripleLift was recognized as an H2 2023 OAREX Top Payor

With an excellent track record of timely payments, TripleLift was recognized as an OAREX Top Payor for H2 2023. Learn more about Triple Lift, what they are experiencing in the ad tech industry, and predictions for 2024.

In an effort to highlight reputable companies in the ad tech world, OAREX recognizes the top demand partners who demonstrate a great pay performance in its half-year Top Payor reports. These payors are considered valuable partners, fueling the ad tech ecosystem through their commitment to supply partners. One company that continues to emerge as a Top Payor and was most recently recognized in the H2 2023 Top Payor Report is TripleLift. In this Q&A, TripleLift VP, US Publisher Development Alexander Herguth shares predictions for 2024 and the challenges on the horizon.

Q: What are some of your predictions for the ad tech space in 2024? What do you anticipate for ad spend or liquidity markets this year?
A: First-Party Data Growth: Privacy-driven restrictions are reshaping data strategies. We believe contextual targeting based on web page content will gain popularity. Additionally, publishers and advertisers are on the precipice of seeing the true potential of their first-party data across programmatic in a more effective way than third-party cookies.

  • Rise of Retail Media Networks and Shoppable Ad Formats: Brands will increase spending on shoppable ad formats at an unprecedented rate as retailers look for ways to reach their audience beyond walled garden environments they’ve been accustomed to for years.
  • Acceleration of Programmatic CTV Ad Spend: CTV advertising spending will see continued double-digit gains year over year. This surge is propelled by cutting-edge formats such as TripleLift’s integrated CTV ad units, alongside an expansion in CTV inventory driven by the proliferation of Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) channels and the introduction of additional ad-supported tiers by major streaming platforms. 

These advancements are further enhanced by the effectiveness and efficiency of programmatic buying, setting the stage for continued growth in our market.

Q: What are some of the current industry or overall challenges your company is facing right now?
A: From a macro level, rising inflation and economic uncertainties impact consumer demand and ad spend. But, like our peers, we face challenges from a highly dynamic market. Most notably, there is addressability with the looming deprecation of third-party cookies and evolving global privacy laws, which will have a profound impact on how marketers reach relevant audiences in a privacy-compliant manner.

Q: How are you addressing/overcoming these challenges?
A: Despite this challenge, we continue to invest strategically. With our 2021 acquisition of 1plusX, a Swiss-based DMP, we recently announced TripleLift Audiences, which replaces third-party cookies with first-party data. The data comes from publishers who opt-in to participate, building contextual and behavioral segments from their first-party data that we then make available to our advertisers. 

The results have been awe-inspiring for both our brands and publishers. We’re seeing significantly better overall fill rates for publishers while doubling CPMs compared to cookieless environments. For buyers, we’ve seen increased advertiser outcomes because they effectively doubled their traffic coverage from 53% to 100%, allowing them to reach their desired audience while helping eliminate wasted ad spend.

Q: Tell us about your company. What do you do, and for whom do you do it?
A: TripleLift is a digital advertising platform at the intersection of creative and media. Unlike some programmatic media companies, which focus solely on one aspect, we offer a comprehensive solution. We aim to elevate digital advertising across every screen, ensuring success for publishers, advertisers, consumers, and diverse voices. We win only when our brands, publishers, and partners win.

Our approach includes:

  • Creative: We build ads that seamlessly fit into the publisher’s environment.
  • Media: We deliver performance-driven media for brands, publishers, and platforms.
  • Technology: Our solutions work seamlessly across devices and channels globally.

Q: You were recognized as an OAREX Top Payor. How important are timely payments to your supply partners, and what steps do you take to meet those payment expectations in a volatile landscape like today’s?
A: Timely payments are crucial for our supply partners. In a volatile landscape, consistent cash flow is essential. The steps we took include, but are not limited to: 

  • Direct Supply Relationships: We prioritize direct relationships with publishers, ensuring transparency and trust. Our direct supply chain validates our commitment to Supply Path Optimization (SPO).
  • Our Customers are Always Our First Priority: We partner with a highly diverse network of over 1,200 publishers, both big and small. Trust and credibility form the bedrock of these relationships. As a technology and monetization provider, TripleLift understands the critical role of timely payments—a reliable indicator for nurturing successful, long-term partnerships.

Q: Before you go, is there anything else you want to share with us?
A: We appreciate the opportunity to discuss our Top Payor status. At TripleLift, we’re dedicated to paying partners on time and fostering a responsible ecosystem. Thank you for this interview!

Thank you for participating in this interview! We look forward to celebrating TripleLift’s Top Payor status and their commitment to paying partners on time.

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