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PubMatic, System1 and TripleLift Among OAREX’s Top Programmatic Payors for H2 2023

Using OAREX’s first-party data, 20 programmatic payor partners were recognized for consistent, on-time payments

OAREX, the provider of fast and flexible funding for digital media buyers and sellers, today announced the release of its H2 2023 Top Payor Awards. Top Payor Awards, announced bi-annually, recognize programmatic demand partners who consistently disburse on-time payments. After analyzing H2 2023 payment data, OAREX determined that 20 partners met the criteria for the Top Payor Award.

OAREX, an advocate for transparency within the digital media ecosystem, believes that payment delays are a systemic issue and demand partners who consistently pay on time deserve recognition.

“Risk and liquidity remain a concern across AdTech, but we are proud to spotlight partners who meet their payment expectations,” commented OAREX EVP Nick Carrabbia. Through consistent, timely payments, these Top Payors bring certainty to their downstream partners and ensure cash flow remains unimpeded.”

Based on first-party OAREX data, the H2 2023 Top Payors include:

  • 33Across 
  • Adagio*
  • Amazon*
  • ClickBank*
  • Epsilon*
  • Google*
  • Nativo*
  • OB Media*
  • Onetag Limited
  • OpenX*
  • PubMatic*
  • Pulsepoint*
  • Sonobi*
  • Sovrn
  • System1
  • Tapjoy
  • TripleLift*
  • Zelto*

*Companies recognized as a Top Payor in the previous half-year report

While OAREX receives payments across the entire digital media and advertising ecosystem, the 20 payors that qualified for the recognition met the following criteria:

  • The payor is a programmatic partner.
  • OAREX processed at least six payments from the payor during Q3 and Q4 2023.
  • Payments received during Q3 and Q4 2023 were made within three days of the due date, with the exception of one late payment (a mulligan), which was paid no later than one week past the due date.

The OAREX H2 2023 Top Payors were identified using OAREX’s first-party data and are featured in the OAREX Half Year 2023 Digital Media and Advertising Payments Report, which revealed data and trends in the digital ad payment space.

In programmatic advertising, supply partners often wait 30-90+ days to be paid. Those long payment terms can have a significant negative impact on a company’s growth. Within an industry where payors tend to pay late, the issue is becoming even more concerning. OAREX acts as a bridge between supply and demand by accelerating payouts and reducing wait times, which helps both sides scale. The reduced wait times help clients avoid costly cash flow gaps and enable growth without relinquishing equity or generating debt.

OAREX, the Online Ad Revenue Exchange, offers fast, flexible funding for the digital ad ecosystem by enabling digital media businesses to exchange future revenue payouts for quick access to capital. Established in 2013, OAREX is a worldwide leader in financing for digital media businesses. East West Bank’s investment in OAREX is a testament to its model and the digital media industry as a whole. Visit for more information, or visit to open an account.