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OAREX Celebrates More Than $2 Billion in Transaction Volume and 10 Years of Doing Business

A source of fast, flexible funding for the ad tech industry, OAREX celebrates its evolution and a decade of funding the ad tech space

OAREX, the provider of fast and flexible funding for digital media businesses, today announced that they achieved a key milestone in 2023 – the company processed more than $2 billion in total transaction volume and reached a decade of being in business. Throughout its ten years of business, OAREX established and solidified its role as an integral source of funding for the ad tech ecosystem and has become a trusted authority on credit risk management.

Since its inception in 2013, OAREX was poised to grow by filling an underserved need in the ad tech ecosystem. As payment gaps widened and economic pressures mounted, stifling companies’ ability to invest and grow, OAREX’s non-dilutive capital solutions helped publishers, ad tech platforms, media buyers, and agencies maintain access to vital liquidity so they could scale. As the company gained traction and its market share grew, it looked to diversify its funding and eventually raised $60.5M over six rounds. In 2020, OAREX secured a $50M line of credit from East West Bank. The EWB facility, coupled with its existing financing from various institutional investors, gave it over $100M of capital to deploy.

“We have learned a lot over these past ten years and are grateful to all the partners who helped us get here,” commented EVP Nick Carrabbia. “Much has changed about the ad tech landscape, yet much has remained the same. As media and advertising evolve, we evolve with it.” 

Carrabbia continued, “From learning the programmatic supply chain and mapping sequential liability risk to creating unique IO financing solutions that shorten the long pay cycles often seen with direct demand, one thing is certain—OAREX will continue providing flexible, non-dilutive funding to help media and advertising companies grow.”

OAREX’s role within the advertising ecosystem grants it unique access to vast insights into the complex dynamics between demand and supply. As a result, OAREX has become an advocate for transparency, freely sharing its data and insights to help companies navigate potential unknown credit risks throughout the supply chain. OAREX achieves this by releasing reports highlighting industry data and providing expert analyses that showcase the overall health and trends within the digital media industry. 

Specifically, OAREX releases Quarterly Digital Media and Advertising Revenue reports, Half Year Payments reports, and Half Year Top Payors Lists. It also maintains the OAREX Digital Media Index (ODMI), a stock index that displays the performance of publicly traded companies whose majority of revenues are from digital media businesses.

A decade after its founding and just a little over a year since crossing the $1B in transaction volume milestone, OAREX has hit the $2B transaction volume mark and is thriving. 

“We are truly committed to supporting our clients and the ad ecosystem as a whole by providing fast and flexible funding that ensures their access to vital liquidity and arming them with valuable data and insights needed to succeed in this space,” commented Carrabbia. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished over these past ten years and are excited to help foster exponentially more growth for our partners over the next ten.”

About OAREX Capital Markets, Inc. 

OAREX, the Online Ad Revenue Exchange, operates a digital revenue exchange where digital media businesses can exchange future revenue payouts for capital now. Established in 2013, OAREX has become a worldwide leader in financing for digital media businesses. East West Bank’s investment in OAREX is a testament to its model and the digital media industry as a whole. See for more information or visit to open an account.

OAREX, the Online Ad Revenue Exchange, offers fast, flexible funding for the digital ad ecosystem by enabling digital media businesses to exchange future revenue payouts for quick access to capital. Established in 2013, OAREX is a worldwide leader in financing for digital media businesses. East West Bank’s investment in OAREX is a testament to its model and the digital media industry as a whole. Visit for more information, or visit to open an account.