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Next Millennium CRO Will Bachrach Talks 2023 Top Payors and Ad Tech with OAREX

With an excellent track record of making payments on time, Next Millennium was recognized as a H1 2023 OAREX Top Payor and its CRO, Will Bachrach shared some challenges and predictions he sees in the ad tech world.

With an excellent track record of making payments on time, Next Millennium was recognized as an OAREX Top Payor for H1 2023. Learn more about Next Millennium, what they are experiencing in the ad tech industry, and predictions for 2024.

In an effort to highlight reputable companies in the ad tech world, OAREX recognizes the top demand partners who demonstrate a great pay performance in its half-year Top Payor reports. These payors are considered valuable partners fueling the ad tech ecosystem through their commitment to supply partners. One company that continues to emerge as a Top Payor and was recognized in the H1 2023 Top Payor Report is Next Millennium. In this Q&A, Next Millennium CRO Will Bachrach shares some predictions for the remainder of 2023 and the challenges the industry is facing.

Q: What are some of your predictions for the ad tech space in 2023? What do you anticipate for ad spending or liquidity markets in the second half of the year?
A: Well, Axios predicts that ad spending will be lower toward the second half of the year [2023], but I think we may see growth. It looks like CTV is surging in popularity, and I really don’t think it’s temporary. In fact, I’m confident that the momentum surrounding it will increase over the coming months.

Q: What are some of the current industry or overall challenges your company is facing right now?
A: Of course, a cookieless future is on our mind, as I’m sure it is with other adtech partners. In addition, we were grappling a little with working out how to shape a higher-tier publisher program. This came from picking up on a few frustrations that these higher-level publishers can sometimes have with other ad tech agencies that we were determined for them to not experience when partnering with us. Finally, we are constantly thinking about how to improve the partnerships between publishers and advertisers that we oversee and how that process can be polished

Q: How are you addressing/overcoming these challenges?
A: We put together an appealing and effective Enterprise offering to address some of the frustrations some publishers brought to us from other ad tech partners. The fundamental components of the offering are: putting the revenue that other ad tech partners are taking through rev-share arrangements back in their pocket, giving the publisher transparency into the auction, better insight into their setup, and far more control than ever before.

After much effort and hard work from our team through various strategies, including initiatives for supply chain optimization, partnerships that operate directly between advertisers and publishers are much more streamlined than before – and we experienced an increase in advertiser performance this year, which has of course, increased ad revenue.

Q: You were recognized as an OAREX Top Payor. How important are timely payments to your supply partners, and what steps do you take to meet those payment expectations in a volatile landscape like we see today?
A: Timely payments are essential to building trust with publishers. Even if ad spending does indeed take a dip, on-time payments will remain a firm priority – something which has already been illustrated by this recognition from OAREX, of which we are immensely proud. Our high-tier clients are a testament to the success of trust in our publisher relationships.

These high-tier publishers and partners are very scrupulous in only pursuing firms with exceptional reputations that take years to build – and we are immensely proud of the hard work and effort we have put into becoming a true certainty in an uncertain world.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about Next Millennium?
A: Next Millennium is a leading ad tech partner that helps online publishers make smarter decisions with their website inventory to increase ad revenue.

We use our in-house technology to yield far more impressive results than our competitors for UX, speed, and revenue. We recognize that the best tech is still a human invention – and leverage both to make our client’s sites a better place.

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