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News Pubs Net New Viewers Across Social Video Platforms

Tubular Labs Audience Ratings data reports Facebook and YouTube unique viewers grew by 26% for ABC News and 27% for CNN in March, 2024

Tubular Labs, the leader in global social video intelligence, released their latest viewership trends data, indicating growth in viewers for news publishers. Drawn from the company’s Audience Ratings product – which provides insight into deduplicated, unique viewership, and minutes watched for trending video categories, creators and more – Tubular Labs identified several trends across the category.

In the company’s latest release, Audience Ratings data found that network-affiliated news creators like ABC News, CNN and CBS News experienced increased viewership during the month of March — while other publisher trends remained relatively static. Insights include:

  • Unique U.S. Facebook and YouTube viewers grew by 26% for ABC News.
  • The most watched videos on ABC News were Oscars related.
  • CNN viewers climbed 27% month-over-month.
  • CBS News saw an increase of 8% month-over-month in unique viewers.
  • More key takeaways from Tubular’s latest research covered additional topics, including:

    The Dodo Flies To Watch-Time High Point

    The Dodo, popular across social platforms for their animal videos, hit a one-year high for watch-time across YouTube and Facebook this March, according to new data from Tubular Labs’ Audience Ratings. U.S. minutes watched climbed 35% month-over-month for the publisher, hitting a one-year high of 212.5 million minutes in March.

    The watch-time surged by 37% month-over-month, accompanied by a significant rise in U.S. unique viewers, demonstrating the Dodo’s successful long-term strategy of expanding video publishing.

    Hulu Hits New Heights on Social Video

    Coinciding with the full launch of its content on Disney+, Hulu’s social video footprint skyrocketed in March, according to new Tubular Labs Audience Ratings data. Hulu was the No. 3 media & entertainment creator in the U.S. in March, reaching 40.6 million unique viewers across both Facebook and YouTube. That figure was up 79% month-over-month, and nearly 4x from Mar. 2023 as Hulu’s social viewership has risen quickly in the lead-up to its content integration within Disney+.

    Hulu’s social video watch-time was up even more – with a 91% increase month-over-month among U.S. audiences. The streaming service was advertising its arrival on Disney+ plenty, but also got viewers interested with content around newer shows like First Daughter, Vanderpump Villa and Under the Bridge.

    UNILAD Rides Virality To Major March Audience Increase

    UNILAD was the No. 1 media & entertainment creator in the U.S., according to Tubular Labs Audience Ratings data from Mar. 2024. The digital-first site had 57.7 million U.S. viewers across Facebook and YouTube on the month, which was No.1 among all domestic media creators.

    The channel saw unique viewers grow by 45% month-over-month, rising to UNILAD’s highest levels in the last year. U.S. minutes watched also rose by 40% month-over-month, as the company hooked audiences with a variety of viral videos, including one apparent hack to use glue to clean Airpods (which has 35.6 million views on Facebook).

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