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Mediavine’s First-Party Data Toolkit, Grow, Integrates with Yahoo ConnectID

Mediavine's first-party data toolkit and audience engagement framework, Grow, now has a live integration with the Yahoo ConnectID. During the month of November, this integration yielded an 80% increase in eCPM rates on Safari and Firefox. Through this partnership, advertisers have access to Mediavine’s premium inventory through Yahoo’s identity solutions. 

BOCA RATON, Fla. – December 1, 2021 – Mediavine, the largest exclusive full-service ad management firm in the U.S., announced today that its first-party data toolkit, Grow, has integrated with Yahoo ConnectID. By leveraging Yahoo ConnectID, Mediavine saw an 80% increase in eCPM rates on Safari and Firefox throughout the month of November. Through this integration, advertisers have access to Mediavine’s premium inventory through Yahoo’s identity solutions. 


Built and powered by Mediavine, Grow collects consented data from the audiences of its 8,400+ publishers and securely transmits the data to Yahoo ConnectID. Privacy centric, Grow empowers publishers to connect authenticated user data with various advertiser demand. The technology incentivizes users to authenticate by offering exclusive tools including social sharing, favorites, recipe cards and its most successful feature to date: Spotlight Subscribe for email opt-ins, which is helping publishers build first-party relationships with their audiences through an influx of email subscriptions. 


Yahoo ConnectID supports advertisers and publishers as the digital landscape evolves away from third-party cookies, giving them a way to manage, reach and monetize online audiences while also safeguarding consumer privacy. Yahoo ConnectID is fueled by Yahoo’s Identity Graph, which is built on deterministic data from opted-in consumer relationships across a range of omnichannel, cross-screen touchpoints, like mobile app, search, owned and operated sites and apps, email and more. Yahoo today reaches 148 million deterministic logged in users in the U.S. In mobile app environments where an ID is not present, Mediavine will be able to use Yahoo’s ID-less offering, Next-Gen Solutions, which leverages the power of contextual and real-time device data signals to infer audiences and deliver relevant messages. 


“We can expect to see a lot more private marketplace deals for advertisers as cookies dissipate, meaning we must develop interoperable, privacy-first alternatives to help publishers keep up with demand,” said Eric Hochberger, Mediavine Co-Founder and CEO at Mediavine. “By prioritizing personalized experiences and sharing a privacy-first mentality, the integration between Grow and Yahoo ConnectID solves for addressability now and in the future.” 


“The time is now for addressable and non-addressable identity solutions – 2023 is just a formality,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer at Yahoo. “With Mediavine, we are enabling publishers to better connect with robust advertiser demand in a cookieless world while prioritizing consumer privacy and trust. With a unified stack of both buy and sell-side platforms, Yahoo delivers greater transparency and transactions with strong data governance and security.”


Yahoo’s large interoperability ecosystem scales that reach and monetization while also providing independent measurement. Yahoo ConnectID is integrated within the Yahoo DSP and available and leveraged by all advertisers within the platform. The company has seen 3X the ad spend on Safari and Firefox on supply that has adopted Yahoo ConnectID, with 2X on all browsers combined.

Mediavine is the largest exclusive ad management company in the United States, representing and monetizing nearly 9,000 publisher partner websites in addition to its owned and operated properties. Mediavine proudly ranks as a Comscore top five lifestyle property with 130 million unique monthly visitors and 17 billion monthly ad impressions. Additionally, Mediavine is an award-winning Google Certified Publishing Partner, Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), Ads.txt and GDPR compliant, and is also a member of the Coalition for Better Ads and To learn more about Mediavine, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.