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Kurt Geiger Bails On In-House Martech Solution, Enlists Wunderkind for Guaranteed Revenue

Performance marketing platforms’ Identity Network was key to driving 151% conversion lift, as brands optimize owned channels to prepare for cookie deprecation, $16 billion in political ads

Wunderkind, the leading AI-powered cross-channel performance marketing platform, today revealed why Kurt Geiger chose to implement its infrastructure across the luxury brands’ portfolio of sites to drive global expansion.

Kurt Geiger saw incredible results with Wunderkind on its UK-based flagship website, but when expanding solutions to other brands and regions it deployed a team of best-in-class engineers to build an in-house solution. The team attempted to reverse-engineer Wunderkind’s tactics and replicate the triggers, cadences, and creative that Wunderkind was delivering.

After spending months building their in-house triggered email and opt-in marketing solutions, Kurt Geiger saw a modest lift in conversions over the out-of-the-box solutions, but nothing came close to the results Wunderkind was delivering on the flagship site. The decision to scrap their own build and implement Wunderkind across additional sites quickly delivered:

  • 2x increase in weekly email acquisition to over 10K.
  • 40% lift in data volume, as well as significant increase in data quality with Wunderkind, which was 111% better than the typical ESP solution.
  • 151% increase in conversions from triggered emails.

“What surprised me is how fast they beat our ROI model,” said Gareth Rees-John, Chief Digital Officer at Kurt Geiger. “So rapidly, it was evident that Wunderkind’s campaigns were delivering far in excess of the revenues that we had delivered on our own solution. Their ROI model pays for itself, but the additional efficiency and value they deliver on top of guaranteed revenue makes my marketing go much further.”

According to Kurt Geiger, the undeniable difference-maker was Wunderkind’s data, AI engine, and identity graph, which are built on 13 years of historical data and best practice experience. Wunderkind’s identity solution was critical to recognizing traffic that was unknown to Kurt Geiger, and its intelligence then allowed them to craft optimized offers that led to the tremendous lift in revenue from triggered emails, as well as how they delivered opt-in offers.

In the year ahead, identity solutions are going to become increasingly important as cookies begin to sunset and political ad dollars flood the market, making remarketing ad inventory both expensive and scarce. Brands that have strong solutions for boosting email and SMS channels will win over those anchored to paid remarketing channels powered on cookies.

“After nearly a decade, traditional retargeting tactics are going away and identity solutions are becoming the foundation of the future,” said Tim Glomb, VP of Digital, Content, and AI at Wunderkind. “No brands should be building tools and they probably don’t even need SaaS as much as they think. They need partners who provide specific outcomes like guaranteed revenue and a lift in first-party data acquisition over logins to tools.”

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