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ICF Next UK Teams Wins Two Bronze Awards

UK Teams won two bronze medals for their work in the Best Technology Event for SAP's InnovationX and Best Finance Event for Lloyds Banking Group.

ICF Next UK Teams wins two bronzes awards for Best Technology Event for SAP’s InnovationX and Best Finance Event for Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) Helping Britain Prosper Live at the EVCOM awards. InnovationX is SAP UK&I’s flagship event, showcasing the impact of innovation with ground-breaking activations and communications.

ICF Next delivered an immersive event with high-profile speakers, interactive demonstrations, a VR experience and a dynamic opening performance choreographed to a bespoke digital backdrop.  More than 50 silent disco-style speaking sessions presented insight and intelligence in a new way, and four hands-on showcases displayed business products and experiences in action.

As a truly meaningful outcome, SAP sales team received over 150 leads on the day from existing clients and brand-new opportunities.

Helping Britain Prosper Live was the event part of a multichannel campaign, to launch a transformational three-year strategy to meet changing customer needs in today’s digital world by Lloyd’s Banking Group (LBG), UK’s biggest bank.  LBG needed to increase awareness and engagement among employees and internal stakeholders about how their actions play a crucial role in its delivery.

The campaign successfully embedded Helping Britain Prosper throughout the business, with 80 percent of employees agreeing they can clearly articulate the strategy. ICF Next raised employee awareness and trust and connected their everyday decisions and activities to the wider purpose.  These awards reinforce NEXT’s philosophy on colleague/customer/citizen engagement and translate its strengths in delivering transformation that adds a meaningful business value.  The EVCOM Awards mission is to celebrate and accelerate the success of Britain’s creative industries.  It is a huge honor that ICF Next was in the top three for EVCOM.

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