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How do you balance efficiency and effectiveness when tackling a multi-market campaign?

Marketing messages constantly bombard today’s consumers, which makes it more difficult than ever to grab their attention.

To keep up with this constantly changing landscape – and the evolving wants and desires of consumers around the world – brands need to be up to date with the trends and issues that are making waves in a variety of local markets to have an impact.

But a campaign’s effectiveness – that is, its ability to deliver on a brand’s business objectives – is just as important as a campaign’s efficiency. In other words, marketers must be able to rely on a set of streamlined processes that run from gathering data points to making creative decisions based on market insights and adapting global campaigns for local audiences.

That’s why, when faced with the challenge of balancing efficiency and effectiveness, an implementation strategy is critical to a campaign’s success.

Implementation: the key to international marketing campaigns

A truly compelling international marketing campaign develops strong connections with consumers across different countries and cultures. But bridging the gap between global and local can be complicated. As a result, global brands are increasingly meeting these challenges by using marketing and advertising companies to centralise their global localisation efforts.

These companies act as brand guardians, and are instrumental in achieving effective and cost-efficient global strategies. Marketing and advertising agencies benefit from in-market specialists that possess knowledge of the local cultures, beliefs, religion and values – something that can ensure copy and imagery capture the minds but also the hearts of their audiences.

Efficiency: a great operations model

Launching a large-scale campaign across multiple markets – both on time and within budget – requires production capabilities and expertise, which a brand might not have access to in-house.

To deal with the complexities of multichannel global campaigns, marketers need to collaborate with production experts who know how to efficiently roll out global campaigns. Preferably, these production experts work across a wide range of media, both traditional and digital channels, ensuring creative meets and complies with local market regulations and channel-specific requirements. That’s because a disconnect between insight and creative can damage your brand and cost money.

As a global implementation agency, we combine and efficiently manage the processes and services required to deliver a successful campaign.

Effectiveness: campaigns informed by insights

It’s never too early to ensure your content is culturally appropriate and to plan for its efficient delivery – and effective global advertising means the message conveyed when crossing boundaries doesn’t lose prominence.

Therefore, not only must the copy be translated correctly, but other factors must also be considered, such as culture, dialects, idiom, humour and context. A lack of local values, beliefs, religion and culture might create a negative brand perception and lead to customer loss.

Thankfully, our recently launched Communicate product can improve creative effectiveness in local markets. Keeping up with cultural trends and ensuring your brand resonates with local audiences authentically and appropriately can be complex and fraught with challenges.

But our Communicate product can help marketers gain insight into cultural trends that ensure brand relevance wherever it appears in the world.

As a result, there’s the opportunity to deliver highly effective campaigns that combine an understanding of the invisible cultural forces that drive consumer behaviour with advertising good practices in the market.

Benefits include the ability to craft campaigns that are rooted in local reality and contain impactful messaging for each market, which demonstrates a unique depth of understanding. It’s this access to insights that means campaigns are optimised for success through the best possible creative outputs.

We’ve been helping brands customise global messages for local audiences for years – ensuring that meaning isn’t diluted or lost in translation and that the text and imagery chosen aren’t open to misinterpretation. We do this by taking a smart approach to localisation and interrogating every potential problem that might be encountered along the way from inception to implementation. Find out more by getting in touch today.

Freedman International is a leading insight-driven localisation agency with over 30 years' experience helping global marketers build their brands internationally. With an end-to-end service offering, from providing in-depth local cultural insights, through to creative adaptation, transcreation and production of campaign assets, Freedman ensures that global communications resonate with local audiences and are effective in every market.