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Beyond Traditional CTV: How CTV+ is Redefining Viewer Engagement

Division-D's CTV+ offering—a strategic choice for those seeking to stand out in the competitive CTV landscape.

CTV viewership is on the rise, with over 238 million US viewers expected to tune in on connected TV devices by 2025, signifying the opportunity for advertisers to connect with a broad and engaged audience in years ahead. However, as advertising on connected TV and top-performing streaming platforms increases, so does competition, ad redundancy, and viewer fatigue.

Division-D, a full-service digital media partner, offers clients unique CTV ad features to stand out from competitors. We’re excited to share our latest offering to help advertisers stand out by striking the right balance between uniqueness and memorability.

Introducing: CTV+

Division-D’s CTV+ offering brings advertisers multiple creative solutions to elevate their CTV advertising efforts, increase brand awareness, and drive action. While CTV advertising alone is a powerful solution to include in your digital strategy, leveraging a CTV+ format transforms your ad into an engagement-driven powerhouse that captivates viewers and drives meaningful brand interactions.

Our CTV+ Formats

  • Interactive CTV – Engage audiences with interactive CTV elements, including carousels, store locators, and shoppable experiences.
  • Social CTV – Leverage and expand the authenticity of your brand’s social media creative with unique technology powered by Spaceback.
  • Customizable CTV Canvas – Create a fully customizable, branded canvas with video, static, animation, and QR Code.

Our featured CTV+ solutions offer competitively priced minimums, free creative services, increased opportunity for creative testing, and the ability to harness the power of CTV without the hefty expense of professionally produced TV creative.

CTV+ extends the potential to precisely target your audience and maximize engagement for superior campaign results in a competitive landscape. It’s ideal for advertisers seeking consistency with programmatic channels, multiple creative sets for split testing, and unique executions.

In a digital space saturated with advertising, our CTV+ formats stand apart by captivating and retaining viewer attention. Learn more about CTV+ offering here, or contact Division-D here to discuss a partnership.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the digital media industry, Division-D serves both agencies and brands as a full-service media partner. Our continual evolution in the media ecosystem brings clients the freshest targeting strategies and ad placements to effectively meet campaign objectives and exceed performance goals.