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Artist Spotlight: Tina Pavlatos

This week, the Medical Illustration & Animation Sourcebook highlights recent work from Tina Pavlatos.

This week, the Medical Illustration & Animation Sourcebook highlights recent work from Tina Pavlatos.

From the artist: These images were created to accompany a paper on Risk-Reduction Therapies in Peripheral Artery Disease.

About the artist: Tina is a freelance Medical Illustrator with 20 years of experience. With each new project, she focuses on showing complicated medical information in an accurate and understandable way that is appropriate for the intended audience. Tina specializes in working with authors and publishing companies to illustrate books such as: “Salt Kills” by Dr. Neravetla, “The Willpower Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal, “The Little Black Book of Neuropsychology” by Dr. Mike Schoenberg, “Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics” Elsevier, “Spanish to Go” by Gia Patilis. Some of her other clients include: JEMS Magazine, Kettering Medical Center, Joint Program of Great Dayton, Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, UCLA Medical Center, The Retina Center of Ohio and UT Southwestern Medical Center.

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Tina portfolio | Tina website

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