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AdLib Partners with Ad Reform

The integration of AdLib with Ad Reform offers an easy, always-on solution to agencies tasked with meeting onerous proof of placement requirements across the advertising ecosystem.

AdLib Media Group, a leading advertising software company providing agencies and brands with the most easy-to-use DSP solutions and services, today announced its integration with Ad Reform, a provider of an innovative ad operations automation platform. The integration fully automates the proof of placement and campaign screenshot process for all campaigns running through AdLib, streamlining operations and significantly reducing time and expenses for small and mid-size agencies compared to other methods.

The integration of AdLib with Ad Reform offers an easy, always-on solution to agencies tasked with meeting onerous proof of placement requirements across the advertising ecosystem. Previously, agencies relied on labor-intensive and time-consuming manual processes, to show “tear-sheets” of each ad in flight. Updating this cumbersome process can eliminate hundreds of hours of ad ops work each month.

“We are thrilled to partner with AdLib, a forward-thinking company committed to delivering exceptional value to its clients,” said Ad Reform Founder Landon Bennett. “Our platform will empower AdLib’s clients to streamline auditing workflows, improve operational efficiency, and provide advertisers with the transparency they need to maintain compliance, adhere to corporate and co-op policies, and ensure brand safety, something that is especially critical for industries like automotive and pharmaceutical, which have more rigorous requirements.”

“This partnership underscores AdLib’s commitment to integrating premier partners and cutting-edge tools into AdLib, empowering small and midsize independent agencies to succeed by accessing a comprehensive suite of premium platforms and toolset at a fraction of the cost,” said Mike Hauptman, CEO of AdLib. “Ad Reform’s platform provides us with a powerful solution to streamline operations, automate workflows, and offer clients a solution that gives them back hours in their day.”

About AdLib Media Group

AdLib Media Group is an advertising software company that provides agencies and brands with the industry’s most accessible DSP solutions and services. AdLib’s customizable interface and flexible APIs make it easy for users to execute streamlined and automated cross-channel media buying, data activation, and analytics so they can spend less time with software and more time driving their clients’ strategy and success. If you’d like to increase results, reduce labor costs, and grow revenue, contact

About Ad Reform

Ad Reform is a software company that uses technology to automate manual processes for the digital advertising industry. Ad Reform’s industry-leading automated screenshot platform enables agencies and DSPs to operate more efficiently, giving them time to focus on more impactful work and building more margin in their businesses. To learn more, contact

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