Achieving ‘Mainstream Green’ is Key in Accelerating Transition to a More Sustainable Economy


New Guide by CMO Sustainability Accelerator, Powered by BCG, Highlights Ways to Link Sustainability to Consumer Needs and Remove Barriers to Growth for Customers for Whom Sustainability is a Concern, but Not a Primary Driver

The report, titled The Future is Mainstream Green: Introducing a New Growth Strategy, outlines a roadmap for how to achieve Mainstream Green — defined as driving sustainable choices by all consumers, not just those who are moved by sustainable claims. Whether you’re an early adopter of sustainability or you have a solid sustainability strategy – this action plan is for you. 

The Report Includes Three Steps to Making Sustainability a Driver for Growth

Learn how to put customers at the center of a three-step strategy to make sustainability a driver for growth:

  • Understand drivers of choice.  Customer-centric sustainability starts with understanding customers’ drivers of choice and how they relate to environmental sustainability. 
  • Create a sustainable offering. To drive business and sustainability impact, the research addresses real barriers to making green mainstream, such as value, efficacy, or taste.
  • Promote sustainable choices. Leverage the full customer engagement toolkit to meet consumers where they are and drive demand for sustainable choices. Techniques, though varied, include removing friction to purchase, empowering customers to choose greener options, and strengthening customer connections.

For a brief overview, click here. Download the full action plan for driving Mainstream Green.

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