What's Trending Scores Investment From Bedrocket Media Ventures Seven-figure deal for viral video channel

What's Trending, the YouTube channel that tracks viral content, has received a seven-figure investment from Bedrocket Media Ventures.

The exact dollar figure was not released, but Bedrocket CEO Brian Bedol said his company views the deal as a "long-term partnership." Bedol said he was impressed by entrepreneurial spirit of What's Trending CEO Damon Berger and co-founder/executive producer Shira Lazar.

"The way they have emerged as sort of the go-to for what's trending and what's hot on YouTube, I think, is translatable to the rest of videos delivered over mobile, the Internet and even on television," Bedol said.

Bedrocket's contribution is What's Trending's first round of investment, according to Berger, who said that the money will help the company grow into a full-fledged media operation.

"In order to be competitive in this space, capital is a piece of that puzzle," he said.

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