Tribeca Film Fest Names Vine #6SecFilms Winners Just because it’s not a full-length feature doesn’t mean it isn’t cinematic

If you blink, you may miss the majority of the content in Vine videos. However, the Tribeca Film Festival felt so strongly about the originality in some of these mini films that they wanted to award the most innovative of the bunch.

"We have films that are two hours long, but we wanted to show that talent can be seen in glimpses in a short amount of time," TFF's director of programing Genna Terranova told Adweek.

This year, more than 6,000 international contenders submitted their best efforts to the #6SecFilms jury. In addition to last year's animation, drama, comedy and genre categories, TFF added a new #6SecFilms audience award. 

Terranova added that since Vine only debuted in January 2013, the medium was relatively new last year when TFF held the first contest. Now that people know more about it, the participants have more techniques at their fingertips to create inventive segments.

It’s not just an outlet for creativity: Terranova pointed out that brands are paying close attention to the techniques displayed in Vine videos.

"It's all in good fun and within the fun sandbox of storytelling," she explained. "We're excited to give this platform and anyone who is willing to do it a chance."

Here are the 2014 winners:

-Animation: Matt Willis, Australia, for "Wrap Dancer"

Drama: Jessica Harmon, USA, for "Addiction"

Comedy: Albert Birney, USA, for "Sylvio Let’s Go"

Genre: Lawrence Becker, USA, for "The Vortex Finds a Host"

#6SecFilms Audience Award: Evan Hilton, USA, for "Shaking Free"

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