Home and Garden TV Develops Licensing Program

Scripps Networks has selected The Beanstalk Group as the agency that will represent and develop the licensing program for its Home and Garden Television, which will include everything from home improvement to decorating to garden products.

The program will focus on the HGTV name and logo (rather than specific shows, with the exception of the uber-popular Dream Home) as the authority in home improvement and decorating. The cable network is in about 90 million homes and has the No. 1 home and garden Web site, with 5 million unique visitors per month. Some on-air talent may be utilized in the licensing program.

HGTV’s licensing program is being pitched as a program built on solution- and style-based home and garden products. “Part of our strategy is to see where the brand has something dfferent to bear,” said Sergei Kuharsky, general manager of Scripps Enterprises, which specializes in lifestyle networks such as HGTV, Food Network, Fine Living and DIY.

Categories will include “everything from building materials to linens,” said Michael Stone, president and CEO of The Beanstalk Group. “We’ll probably start with solution-based products [because] there’s a lot of space there, and HGTV has a lot of credibility and authority there. On the style side there’s a lot more competition.”

While no deals have been inked yet, some of the station’s advertisers have expressed interest in becoming licensees. The program will launch at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas in June. Products are expected to debut in the second half of 2010.