David Chase Returns to HBO

Nearly two years after The Sopranos ended with an abrupt cut to black, the creative force behind the mob hit is returning to HBO.

The premium network on Monday announced that David Chase will rejoin the fold as writer and executive producer of A Ribbon of Dreams, a miniseries about the birth of the Hollywood film industry. Chase will also direct the project’s initial episodes.

A Ribbon of Dreams opens in 1913, the year before D.W. Griffith began filming The Birth of a Nation. The miniseries progresses from the silent era through the present day, laying particular emphasis on the creation of the studio system and the dawn of the auteur era.

Paramount Pictures chairman and CEO Brad Grey, who executive produced The Sopranos with Chase, will also serve as an executive producer on Ribbon.

“It gives me pleasure to think of working, together with Brad, with HBO, again. These are all people who, obviously, occupy a special place in my heart,” Chase said in a statement released by HBO.