True Blood Is Ending, Y’all

That’s a wrap for HBO’s True Blood, Alan Ball’s Southern-fried follow-up to Six Feet Under.

Headlights Meet ‘Twilight’ in Audi’s Super Bowl Spot

Venables Bell & Partners half-embraces and half-spurns pop culture's obsession with vampires in its 60-second Super Bowl commercial, posted below. The spot, airing in the first ad break after the kickoff, features the new 2013 Audi S7 with the brand's signature LED headlight technology—which is the focus of the piece.

Fix Those Rotten Vampire Teeth, Says British Ad

Twilight-inspired vampire parodies are getting a bit long in the tooth, but this new (borderline NSFW) spot from the U.K. is pretty great. Somewhat bizarrely, it was produced by the Portsmouth branch of the government's National Health Service, and urges people to get their excessively long and pointy, blood-thirsty teeth cleaned by a local dentist.