Spin Magazine

Editor in Chief Craig Marks: Print ‘Stands in the Way of Where Spin Needs to Be’

It's time to let go of the idea that music outlet Spin is meant to be a print magazine, according to newly appointed editor in chief Craig Marks.

SpinMedia Fires Spin Editor in Chief

Remnants of once-hot indie music title Spin's days as a print magazine are continuing to disappear in the wake of its acquisition by Buzzmedia (now SpinMedia) last summer.

Spin and Car and Driver: A Comparison

The world may not be ending today, but Spin’s existence as a print magazine is.

Buzzmedia Acquires Spin Media

After a few weeks of speculation and rumors, Spin Media was acquired today by Buzzmedia, a rapidly growing collection of celebrity and music websites.

‘Spin’ Shakes Up Leadership

Spin ousted its editor-in-chief Doug Brod and publisher Malcom Campbell yesterday.