Sen. John Rockefeller

Google to Pay Record $22.5 Million to Settle With FTC

Privacy advocates have been waiting for this one: Google agreed to pay a record $22.5 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it circumvented privacy settings in Apple's Safari browser. As part of the order, Google must disable all the tracking cookies it had said it would not place on consumers' computers.

Lawmakers Hope to Turn Off the Dark

This week’s Senate Commerce committee hearing on the Cable Act—the law often blamed for blackouts on cable and satellite TV—may not be the clash of the titans, but it will be close.

House and Senate Talks Stalled on Spectrum Bills

Negotiations between the House and Senate to resolve differences over spectrum bills that would free up spectrum for wireless services and public safety have stalled, reducing chances any spectrum legislation may pass this year.

FCC Nominees Get Hearing, but Grassley Still Threatening Hold

President Obama's two nominees for the Federal Communications Commission are one step closer to being confirmed, as the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation has scheduled a hearing on their nominations for Nov. 30. But they still have a large obstacle standing in their way. 

White House Nominates Two to FCC

If all goes well, the Federal Communications Commission will soon have two new commissioners. Late Monday, President Obama nominated Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat, and Ajit Pai, a Republican, to fill open positions at the FCC. Both nominees are former FCC staffers.

News Corp. Investigation Fever Sweeping Congress

What a difference a day makes: News Corp.'s scandal was barely on the congressional radar screen early in the week, but by midweek, investigation fever was spreading fast on Capitol hill.

Rockefeller Asks Feds to Investigate U.S. Impact of Murdochgate

Congress is starting to weigh in on Murdochgate, following speculative reports in London's Daily Mirror  that the News Corp. phone hacking practices in the U.K. may have extended to 9/11 victims.

Will Congress Jump In to Murdochgate?

Murdochgate has everything a politician could want in a scandal: big names, big money, and guaranteed big press coverage. Usually when something like this hits, members of Congress leaders can't resist putting out a statement, at the very least, and then looking for the nearest TV camera. But this time, Congress has been mum.