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A U.S. Open Billboard Is Being Updated Daily to Include the Most Memorable Moments

If you like good tennis and cool murals, then the U.S. Open has an advertising campaign for you.The tournament's organizers are paying an artist to climb up to a billboard each day of the competition and piece together a painting based on the event's notable moments and online chatter.The first eight installments have included, for example, interpretations of Gaël Monfis's crushing 110 miles-per-hour match winner, 15-year-old Catherine "CiCi" Bellis's on-court antics and Roger Federer's selfie with Michael Jordan.Each day's addition is livestreamed on Facebook and later recapped in a YouTube clip. The painter, Josh Cochran, whose previous credentials include spectacular Grammy-nominated album art for Ben Kweller, features heavily in the videos.DDB New York created the campaign, titled "Story of the Open," and tied it into social media with the hashtag "#StoryoftheOPEN."While viewers of the billboard over New York's Midtown Tunnel might not get the full effect without watching the videos for context, Cochran's illustrations are superb, and it's fun to see the mural take shape.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Ad of the Day: Nike

The consensus around these parts over the years has been that Roger Federer is a singularly awkward brand spokesman. But that's not entirely fair.All you have to do to make a successful Federer spot is make it as pleasantly goofy as he is, limit his speaking lines to approximately zero, and find a costar who won't overshadow him.

Gillette Paints, Then Shaves, a Giant Grassy Roger Federer

Gillette has gone from grooming to landscaping in England, where it painted, and then shaved, a huge portrait of Roger Federer in a field. The concept of the stunt, which promotes Gillette's Fusion ProGlide razors, was helped along by the company's Facebook community, who obviously enjoyed Federer's trick-shot video from a while back.