Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Samsung ‘Evolutionary Husband’

Samsung's newest ad is precipitating foul rumblings across the cyberverse for depicting men as gassy, unkempt, couch-bound louts. The spot touts the Evolution Kit, which turns any Samsung television into a smart TV (too bad it can't do the same for your spouse).


Coca-Cola ‘Small World Machines’

Coca-Cola and Leo Burnett want to help solve one of the thorniest political conflicts in the world. How? More Coca-Cola for everyone, of course.


PETA ‘98% Human’

To get people to stop using apes in entertainment, BBDO's new PETA spot compels the viewer to empathize with an ape on the verge of suicide. He is, after all, 98 percent human.


Kmart ‘Big Gas Savings’

Kmart's "Ship My Pants" ad was a major success, but can Draftfcb turn almost-profanity into a running gag for the retailer? It attempts to do so with this follow-up spot, "Big Gas Savings," which features the same family.


Geico ‘Hump Day’

Geico's latest commercial was uploaded on hump day, and is all about hump day—narrated by an animal who's an expert on the matter. Silliness at its finest from The Martin Agency.


VisitEngland ‘Wallace and Gromit’s Great U.K. Adventure’

Wallace and Gromit, everyone's favorite British Claymation characters, are famously fond of taking trips to far-flung places. This time, the duo are staying closer to home in a new ad for VisitEngland.


DirecTV ‘Road Trip’

Satellite provider DirecTV has you covered, whether you live in the past, present or future, according to this new spot from Grey New York and MJZ director Rupert Sanders.


Jack Link’s ‘All Dolled Up’

In the ongoing saga for Jack Link's beef jerky, Sasquatch gets punked yet again—three times, in fact, in new TV spots from longtime agency Carmichael Lynch.


Nike ‘Fly Swatter’

This new spot from Wieden + Kennedy for the Nike Free sneaker shows 17-time Grand Slam singles winner Roger Federer locked in one of the more brutal showdowns of his storied career—as he tries to swat a pesky fly.


Diet Dr Pepper ‘/1 Josh Button’

Shirtless Josh Button is the latest addition to the ad-hunk trend, rising seductively from the sea in Deutsch L.A.'s new tongue-in-cheek commercial for Diet Dr Pepper.