This ‘Meet a Muslim’ Video Is Full of Nice, Normal People. And That Shouldn’t Be Surprising

It's a shame when a person introduces herself as "a human" and it actually seems necessary. A new video, titled "Meet a Muslim," aims to mitigate some of the fear and misperception currently pervading the American dialogue—by putting the camera on a diverse cross-section of U.S. citizens who share the Islamic faith.  There's a pediatrician, a mom and a handful of adorable kids. There's a woman who calls herself the "naughty Muslim," a couple of parents who call their family "smiley Muslims," and a man (who also—gasp!—drinks) married to another man.  There's also a white dude. And a young, Ohio-born woman who wears a floral hijab and describes herself as a "foodie." They all share a little about themselves, then offer reflections—uniformly warm, sometimes baffled, often heartbreakingly insightful—about why they face so much animus from people who don't know them. 

Halal of a Controversy

If bloggers want to blast Whole Foods Market again for promoting Quran-approved food during Ramadan, there’s a few niche CPG brands that might plea: “Could you mention us? Pretty please, with halal-certified sugar on top?”