Popchips Looks to David&Goliath for Brand Reboot

Popchips has selected independent shop David&Goliath to spearhead its brand reboot early next year.David&Goliath's challenge is to help the baked-not-fried snack brand reverse years of declining sales. To do so, D&G will craft work across channels including social, outdoor and experiential. The agency will also support several new product launches.

Katy Perry Brings Popchips Back From the Brink in New Ads

Following a pretty disastrous campaign starring Ashton Kutcher, which was sunk by complaints of racism, Popchips is back with one of the more inoffensive endorsers around: Katy Perry. In four new print ads, she makes a fake-boobs joke, pretends to be a vampire, and generally hams it up in the most bubblegummy way possible. The campaign is by Zambezi in Los Angeles, which apparently dodged responsibility for the Kutcher spots. Three more ads, plus credits, after the jump.

Ashton Kutcher Is Back on the Market in Popchips Campaign

Demi Moore will not be terribly impressed by the new Popchips ad campaign, starring her ex, Ashton Kutcher, in which he looks for love in spoof dating-site videos. Kutcher plays four characters—a flaming diva, a slow-moving hippie, an excitable Bollywood producer and a soft-spoken biker. Kutcher, who was named the brand's "president of pop culture" in 2010, worked on the ads with the agency Zambezi in Los Angeles. They don't really do much for me, but surely the untold billions of Kutcher fans will disagree. UPDATE: The ad with Raj, the Indian character, has been pulled amid complaints of racism.