online music

Google Music Expected to Launch Next Month

Google is close to unveiling its new music service, which will apparently mix digital downloads with cloud storage.

Pandora’s Earnings Call Claims No Impact From Spotify

Competition in the digital music world may be ramping up, but in its first earnings report as a public company, Pandora Media said it’s not feeling any heat.

Virgin Media Close to Deal for Digital Music Service

In early 2009, Virgin Media announced that it was planning an unlimited music download subscription service in partnership with Universal Music, but none of the other major labels signed on.

Can Amazon’s Lady Gaga Discount Boost Competition With Apple?

In an effort to compete with Apple’s dominance in digital music sales, Amazon is luring in customers with a huge discount on Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This Way, released Monday.

Google to Launch ‘Music Beta’ Cloud Service

Google will finally unveil its long-awaited cloud service at Google I/O, the company’s developers’ conference in San Francisco, on Tuesday.

Spotify Cutting Down on Free Music

Is Spotify attempting to reduce their reliance on advertisers? After cutting down last May on the amount of free music that users can access, capping it at 20 hours per month, Spotify has just announced that they are now planning to halve that number to just 10 hours of free listening per month.