Mayim Bialik

How Does Superman Shave? Gillette Asks Some Supergeeks Who Might Know

Gillette has a super-geeky Man of Steel tie-in and YouTube takeover going on right now, where they ask an impressive list of celebrities, "How does Superman shave?" Bill Nye, the science guy, offers a theory based in materials science. Super-geek movie director Kevin Smith suggests he uses a piece of the spaceship he came to Earth in (while detailing and dismissing some super other amusing theories, including the one from the comics that he uses his heat-vision reflected in a mirror to burn each hair off). The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik (whom you may know as Blossom, and who also has a real Ph.D in neuroscience) puts forth that Superman has super-Nair. Finally, the MythBusters guys give five or six theories before landing on the Large Hadron Collider. Surprisingly, but not in a bad way, no one said with a Gillette razor. It's a smart idea and a great tie-in. Ad agency Concept One came up with the notion for Gillette. If you want to hash over your own theory, tweet at #HowDoesHeShave. Or just search it to geek out on the crazy pseudo-science theories. Asking comic-book nerds to argue an absurd bit of superhero minutiae on social media? Their evil plan just might work! More spots below.

Biggest Brand Gainers in Consumer Perception

Each month YouGov BrandIndex asks people their perception of more than 1,100 brands, and Tide had the biggest gain in March when there was a rash of stories about thieves stealing it from stores. TV ads starring old sitcom stars like Mayim Bialik (Blossom) apparently paid off for Old Navy.

Old Navy Keeps It Old School With Ad Tribute to ‘Blossom’

Old Navy continues to have its finger on the pulse of cutting-edge pop culture, following up its ad with '80s TV icon Mr. T with a new spot centered on early-'90s TV icon Blossom. It's hard to imagine actress Mayim Bialik green-lighting this idea a few years back, when she was mostly concerned with finishing her Ph.D. in neuroscience.