You Can Buy Everything You See on Lifetime & Wayfair’s New TV Series

A+E Networks this weekend is rolling out its most ambitious branded content push yet, a new Lifetime lifestyle/home improvement series co-produced by Wayfair in which every item that appears on the program will be available for purchase on Wayfair's site.

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Why Low-Rated Summer Shows Are Still Landing Early Renewals

At first glance, the debut ratings for Lifetime's big summer gamble, new drama UnReal, seemed as disastrous as the on-camera escapades in the series' faux-Bachelor show, Everlasting.

Addicted to Lifetime Movies? Now There’s an App For That

If you've got $4 and an unabashed love of Lifetime movies, this might be the best day since Flowers in the Attic premiered last year. 

Marilyn Monroe’s Dress Blows Around on These New York Subway Ads as Trains Arrive

Lifetime has brought a neat out-of-home advertising trick to the U.S. for the first time to promote its upcoming miniseries The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, starring Kelli Garner.

A+E Networks Looks to Its Future by Turning to the Past

Let's get the disappointing news out of the way first: A+E Networks' upfront presentation Thursday night lacked the big announcement many were hoping for—confirmation of reports earlier this week that the company is turning over its H2 channel to Vice Media.

A Filmmaker Gets an Opportunity of a Lifetime

In 2005, Wieden + Kennedy provided a fresh start for Sarah Gertrude Shapiro after she literally fled her reality TV job on The Bachelor—and Hollywood.

As Genre Shows Go Mainstream, TV Execs Look to Novelists for the Next Hit

TV network options on books have exploded. Publishers Lunch, a trade that tracks book industry deals, lists an ever-increasing number of television options over the last few years, with 2013 setting the record and this year looking good.

How Veteran TV Exec Dawn Ostroff Is Taking Condé Nast Beyond Print

The century-old magazine giant Condé Nast made an eyebrow-raising announcement in October 2011. Faced with declining print revenue, the company said it was getting into the entertainment business. Even more surprising was the news that longtime network TV executive Dawn Ostroff would lead the newly formed Condé Nast Entertainment unit.

Whoopi Goldberg Has Limits on Where She Takes Her Smartphone Calls

Specs Who Whoopi Goldberg Age 58