Jim Perry

Nickelodeon’s Jim Perry Is Courting More Adult Advertisers

Nickelodeon revealed its slate to advertisers yesterday, and while it's all squeaky-clean kids' fare (well, relatively speaking: "As you can see from the reel, bathroom humor still works," observed Nickelodeon president Cyma Zarghami during the presentation), the network is seeking ad partners with a greater emphasis on categories you wouldn't necessarily associate with

Nickelodeon’s Jim Perry on His Network and the State of the Market

After a particularly painful ratings drop-off, Nickelodeon is turning things around. The cable network has always controlled the lion's share of the GRPs in the kids' TV market (more than 70 percent of all kids' TV budgets, in fact), and it's returning to business as usual with what sources say is about a 5 percent uptick in CPM rates for the current upfront.

Marketing to Kids Is an Obstacle Course

If you’re advertising in the $1 billion kids marketplace, you’ll need to accommodate a bit more in the way of oversight, both from traditional antagonists like watchdog groups and from a less predictable challenger: big-box retailers.