Jack Griffin

A Comparison of the Challenges and Opportunities in the Tribune Publishing-Time Inc. Spinoffs

Tribune Publishing and Time Inc. are set to spinoff as independent companies later this year, following News Corp's separation from Rupert Murdoch's media empire last year. Both have illustrious pasts, but today they're unwanted assets, facing low morale and unfavorable publishing industry trends with the shift to digital.

Jack Griffin Named CEO of Tribune Publishing

The Tribune Co.

Meredith, Time Inc.: A Comparison

Meredith Corp., the company that’s reportedly in talks to buy most of Time Inc., couldn’t be more different from the publishing giant.

Is the All-Powerful Magazine Editor a Thing of the Past?

The day of the über editorial director could well be over.

Several Outsiders Said to Be Considered for Time Inc. CEO Job

As Time Warner’s search for a CEO of its Time Inc. magazine division grinds on, new names of suspected candidates have surfaced. Given the list, it appears that the company still seems to be focused on bringing in an outsider.

String of High-Level Departures at Meredith Continues

Women’s magazine publisher Meredith has seen a number of high-level defections from its National Media Group lately.

Time Inc.’s CEO Search Said to Be Nearing End

Time Inc. has been sailing along under a three-man leadership committee, but the search for a new CEO is expected to be completed sometime in October, according to a source with knowledge of the process.

Sheen, Griffin Firings Linger at Time Warner Annual Meeting

At its annual shareholders meeting on Friday, Time Warner had some good news to talk about—the success it had with March Madness, a strong summer movie lineup—but the shareholders in attendance seemed to be more concerned with the company's recent high-profile firings of Charlie Sheen and Time Inc. CEO Jack Griffin.

Time Inc.’s Three Amigos Settle In

Time Inc. may be searching for a new CEO, but for now, its current leadership seems to be settling in comfortably.

John Q. Griffin Leaves Time Inc.

John Q. Griffin, the last of Jack Griffin’s big outside hires remaining at Time Inc., is leaving after four months there.