Aereo Presses the Pause Button

With the Supreme Court on Wednesday effectively putting the kibosh on Aereo's streaming service, CEO Chet Kanojia announced that at 11:30 a.m.

Dish Chalks Up Court Win for the Ad-Skipping Hopper

Dish Network won another court victory in its fight with broadcasters over its ad-skipping Hopper that's reviled by broadcasters. On Monday, the U.S. District Court for the central district of California denied Fox Broadcasting's request for a preliminary injunction against the Hopper's DVR place-shifting features.

Judge Rules in Favor of Dish in DVR Ad-Skipping Dispute With Fox

Dish has won another battle in its ongoing war with Fox over whether or not its ad-skipping software is legal: A panel of judges upheld Los Angeles district court Judge Dolly Gee's ruling from last fall, when she threw out Fox's injunction request.

Legacy Cable Operators in Austin Are Terrified of Google Fiber

The power dynamic will not shift overnight, but the newly announced launch of Google Fiber in the tech-savvy gulch that is Austin, Texas, has legacy cable operators shaking in their boots. And with good reason.