Government Accountability Office

Your Car’s Navigation System Is Sharing Your Data Too

A new government report concludes that in-car navigation systems may be driving away with too much data about drivers’ whereabouts.

Government Report Calls For Comprehensive Privacy Law

A new report on consumer privacy from the Government Accountability Office concludes that there ought to be a comprehensive federal law governing the collection, use and sale of personal information by companies since there currently is none.

GAO Report on Patent Lawsuits Could Help Reform Efforts

A new report from the Government Accountability Office on patent infringement lawsuits could give lawmakers the firepower they need to move reform legislation aimed at curbing abusive patent troll practices.

No-Brainer Bill to Consolidate FCC Reports Sent to the House Floor

The House Commerce Committee Wednesday sent to the floor a no-brainer of a proposal that will allow the Federal Communications Commission to consolidate eight reports into one biennial communications marketplace study. It also gets rid of the anual telegraph report (yes, it's still on the books!), which dates back to 1934.

GAO Report: FCC Should Do Fewer Cable and Video Reports

Apparently the reports on the cable industry and video marketplace the Federal Communications Commission is required periodically to conduct are a giant time suck and resource hog. That was the overall conclusion of a report on competition in the video marketplace prepared for the FCC by the U.S.

For Now, Saturday Postal Delivery Is Safe

The U.S. Postal Service backed down from its plan to cut Saturday delivery in August. So for now, at least through Sept. 30, Saturday delivery is safe.

New Government Report Calls for Rules on Mobile Tracking

A new report from the Government Accountability Office today is giving privacy advocates another opportunity to press for new laws that could potentially limit the promise of mobile advertising.