Digital Spend

Brand Advertisers Coming to Mobile Despite Ineffective Rich Media Ads

A couple years ago, rich-media ad units were all the rage. Oh snap! Videos and expandable banners and Twitter streams and buttons on top of buttons. "How can consumers and big-budget brand advertisers not come to love these interactive ads?" many proclaimed.

Mobile Grabs 20% of Facebook Ad Spend

A year ago, Facebook made zero money from mobile advertising because it had yet to launch a mobile ad product. Now mobile accounts for 20 percent of advertisers’ spending on Facebook, according to social ad firm Kenshoo Social.

CMO Council Report: Marketing Budgets on the Upswing

While television should once again account for the lion’s share of global marketing spend in 2013, a disproportionate number of executives report that search is a far more effective medium through which to generate consumer demand.