David Vladeck

FTC’s Vladeck to Exit Dec. 31

David Vladeck, the hard-charging director of the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection, is officially leaving on Dec. 31 to return to his faculty position at Georgetown University Law Center.

Putting Brands in Their Place

Advertisers can’t say they weren’t warned. Three years ago, right after joining the Federal Trade Commission as director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, David Vladeck stood before the ad industry’s self-regulatory group at its annual conference to lay down an aggressive agenda.

Quick-Fix Exercise Claim Gets Workout From FTC

The quick-fix exercise pitch of Ab Circle Pro, "only 3 minutes=100 sit ups!" is nothing but pump fiction. To settle Federal Trade Commission charges of deceptive advertising, the marketers of the abdominal exercise device agreed today to pay as much as $25 million in refunds to consumers who shelled out between $200 and $250 for the device.

Skechers Settles Deceptive Ad Case With FTC for $40M

When it comes to cracking down on health and fitness claims in ads, the Federal trade Commission isn't sitting on its butt.

FTC Cracks Down on Deceptive Auto Ads

Local auto ads have never been known for their subtlety, but some went too far, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Five dealers around the country agreed to settle with the FTC over ads that falsely promised to pay off consumers' trade-ins, no matter how much was still owed.

Government Wants Acai Berry Marketing Sites Shut Down

The Federal Trade Commission took action Tuesday to shut down what it says are 10 websites that have been masquerading as news sites in an attempt to market acai berry weight-loss products. The FTC is asking courts in several states to freeze the operations' assets pending a trial, and to order the companies behind the products to provide refunds.