Cancer Charity Dares Young Men to Wax Their Balls on Camera

Most cancer charities want to highlight how easy it is to check yourself for lumps or other danger signs, but Testicular Cancer Canada decided to grab some attention by getting guys to do it the hard way.

Agency Attaches GoPro Camera to Dog, Sets It Loose in the Office

Here's an awesome Friday-afternoon agency project: Toronto animation, design and VFX studio Crush decided to attach a GoPro camera to their dog Sadie and livestream her travels around the building today. The result was an entertainingly surreal perspective on agency life from shin level. The stream was only live for an hour, but drew nearly 1,000 viewers. Hopefully the staff—and the dog—will be up for doing it again. As someone who has worked in an agency environment for years, it just left me feeling jealous of someone who could wander the halls doing absolutely nothing and be constantly rewarded with love and food.