Steve Koonin Out at Turner

After a 14-year stint with Turner Entertainment Networks, where he most recently served as the division’s president, Steve Koonin is leaving the cable programming giant to assume the role of CEO of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks franchise.

The 10 Gayest Weddings on TV

Conan to Advertisers: You Disgust Me, but I Will Take Your Money

CANNES, France—Conan O'Brien wants advertisers' money but also wants creative freedom with the brand integrations on his show, a requirement that benefits both sides, he told Anderson Cooper in a packed house at the Cannes Lions festival here this morning.

The Genius Who Produces ‘Pure’ Television

For reasons that are not immediately apparent, the girl with the vodka tonic is taking pictures of the actress on the Embassy Row TV monitor, even though the real thing is, at this very moment, perched on a chair inside the studio that lies just on the other side of the wall.

Conan O’Brien Makes a More Honest iPad Commercial

Conan O'Brien's fake iPad commercial, meant as a parody of the latest Apple spots, including the one on the Oscars, isn't exactly groundbreaking (porn? on computers? why, I never!). But the delivery is as funny and observant as one would expect from Coco. If only real Internet porn were this tasteful most of the time.

The World’s Shortest Free Fall, Brought to You by Slim Jim

While we're setting records, how about this stunning video of a stuntman on Conan attempting the world's shortest free fall? It looks easy, but it doesn't end well. The stunt was ostensibly sponsored by Slim Jim, a brand for which Conan O'Brien seems to have a special affinity.

Television’s Big, Gay Weddings

Michelle Obama’s favorite TV show is ABC’s Modern Family, and while her husband enjoys knottier fare (Boardwalk Empire, Homeland), the First Family’s media preferences are in line with the zeitgeist.

Bang Bang Pow Pow: TBS Wins Quarterly Ratings Race

Mad Men may be the ultimate critical darling and The Walking Dead a relentless devourer of GRPs, but the most transformative show on basic cable is actually a broadcast hand-me-down.

Turner Embraces Social TV, Interactive Ads via ‘Conan’ App

Sometime this month, Coco’s getting his own app. And like the Harvard-educated funnyman, this app’s going to be pretty clever.

TBS Cancels ‘George Lopez Tonight’

After ceding his 11 p.m. time slot to Conan O’Brien, comedian George Lopez is facing a far more significant indignity: cancelation. TBS on Wednesday confirmed that it has pulled the plug on Lopez Tonight, effective, well, immediately. Thursday’s episode will be the last.