Domino’s Wants to Roll Out This Gyroscopic Pizza Delivery System Worldwide

Here's a solution to a problem you rarely think about but might occasionally fall victim to.Domino's Pizza in Brazil is so intent on convincing you that it will deliver you a pizza instead of a deformed pile of cheese and sauce that it has created an elaborate, pizza-stabilizing device to be mounted on the back of delivery motorcycles.Created by agency Artplan, the device consists of a platform on two hemispheres that pivot to compensate for any tilting caused by turning, riding on a hill or hitting a speed bump. The cube holding the device glows at night, probably to strengthen the illusion that Domino's is carrying around something important as opposed to just a lazy man's dinner.This technique reportedly will be expanded to roughly 10,000 Domino's locations worldwide, meaning that soon, you too may be able to gawk at one in real life. Makes you wonder how we've gotten by without this revolutionary discovery.