These Provocative Ads for World AIDS Day Reveal a Little-Known Fact About HIV-Positive Partners

We'd all like to be seen as more than a condition or label. There's little worse than one that defines your life.It is little known that HIV-positive people following treatment can arrive at a point where they may no longer transmit the virus, even with unprotected sex. But the stigma of HIV remains, which makes it hard for carriers to court intimacy. "It is our responsibility to reveal this information to the most people possible," says Aurélien Beaucamp, president of French advocacy group AIDES. "What weighs most on the quality of life of HIV-positive people today is not the virus. It's the daily discriminations they have to suffer." Some 86 percent of HIV-positive people who've been tested in France, and are currently being treated, have an undetectable viral load, making it unlikely they will pass the virus on, according to AIDES. But intimate rejection remains a critical part of their lives. Per an "HIV, Hepatitis and You" inquiry carried out in March, 49.1 percent of declared discriminations happen in a sexual context.For World AIDS Day on Thursday, AIDES and TBWA\Paris released "Revelation," a series of racy—but also curiously serene—print ads that convey everything else an HIV-positive person has to share with a partner. 

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Video is NSFW. JWT Paris should be given a medal and a psychiatric evaluation, in that order, after creating this "Sexy Fingers" PSA for the AIDS awareness group AIDES. The concept, as far as I can tell, is that you can do a lot with your fingers (and believe me, the examples in this video pretty much run the gamut), including administering a simple AIDS test.

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You remember Smutley, that sex-crazed feline who couldn't keep it in his pants. Now, he has a partner in crime: Willy the Tourist, the latest character in Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' AIDS awareness campaign for the French nonprofit AIDES. Willy has been all over the place, which is precisely the problem. Beware this guy. 

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