NBCU's Zucker Mum on Comcast Deal


"There is not a lot to say," NBC Universal president and CEO Jeff Zucker said here Thursday when asked about the potential sale of a 51 percent stake in his company to cable giant Comcast Corp.

"I'm incredibly interested to see what will happen...Time will tell."

He made his comments in a chat with CNBC anchor Erin Burnett at the Paley Center Thursday morning after several moments of laughter and silence on his part in reaction to the interviewer's opening question. She had asked whether he was enjoying his last few days reporting to a guy named Jeff, namely GE chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt.

Zucker then quipped: "I knew I shouldn't have asked Erin" to do this interview.

If NBCU was bought by anyone, what is the key driver and benefit for the acquirer, Burnett also asked her boss.

"They're looking at the value of content," and the strength of NBCU's assets, including the growth of the company's cable networks, Zucker argued.

"Today NBC Universal is a vastly different company" than when NBC was founded, with more than two-thirds of the company today having nothing to do with either NBC or Universal. He reiterated that 75 percent of profits come from the core cable networks, which Zucker said is still not widely understood.

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