NAB Hits Airwaves With Case Against Radio Royalties


"The growing support for this bill within the leadership of Congress shows just how powerful the case is for reforming this archaic loophole in the copyright law," said Jennifer Bendall, executive director of the musicFIRST Coalition. “These are some of the most respected and powerful leaders in Congress and they are speaking with one voice to say that artists, musicians and rights holders deserve to be fairly compensated when their music is used to generate billions of dollars in revenues for corporate radio."

Below, read the "Don't Feed the Fat Cat" ad copy:

Once upon a time, the Record Label Fat Cat gorged on rich, tasty profits he got from music sales through radio. The radio played the music. The people bought the music. And the Fat Cat got fatter and fatter. At least, he did, until he ate up all his profits. Now he wants to tax the radio to see if he can taste a few more profits, by biting the hand that feeds him.

But, that's not so good for radio. It's even worse for music and listeners. And it's not a very happy ending to the story. The Record Label Fat Cat is fat enough. Let's take the Performance Tax off his plate. If you want the real story of the Performance Tax, go to

Don't feed the Fat Cat.