Mr. TV: Ozzy and ER


This week I have two subjects I want to discuss: The Osbournes and NBC’s ER. And no, marble-mouthed Ozzy and family are not being rolled into ER for the final episode of the long-running medical drama, although maybe they could use an update on their “meds.”

The Osbourne foursome—Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly—are back in prime time, albeit temporarily, in a series of variety specials on Fox called The Osbournes: Reloaded, which launches out of American Idol this Tuesday. ER signs off after 15 seasons on Thursday.

If you have watched Fox recently, I’m sure you have seen the inane promos of clan Osbourne headlining their own variety show. That’s right, six years after they rocketed to fame via their self-titled MTV docu-reality series, they are back in a new format featuring skits, impersonations, audience interaction and candid camera style pranks.

Just when you thought they were gone forever, or at least on the D-list, the Osbournes are back at their craft, spitting out obscenities and creating mayhem as they take part in groundbreaking TV like working undercover in a fast food restaurant. And who could resist the “Littlest Osbourne” segment in which young tykes imitate Ozzy and Sharon as they carpet bomb viewers with four-letter words Isn’t that just adorable?

As a special “treat,” you’ll even see spoiled brat Kelly belt out a song or two. Stock up on earplugs and barf bags for this sonic abuse. “The Osbournes are back, and television will never be the same again,” according to the promo. That’s putting it mildly, I think.

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