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High above street level in NYC, celebrities are feasting on steak, shrimp cocktail and cheesecake. But we're not talking about dining at, say, Windows on the World or a similar penthouse eatery.

Instead, these Broadway stars, athletes and well-known New Yorkers are having lunch and dinner on a Smith & Wollensky billboard perched atop a five-story building at 54th Street and Broadway.

If you look up, you'll see the ad is designed to look like a real Smith & Wollensky restaurant, sporting a green-and-white facade. Up to five people at a time can sit at a table on the billboard's ledge; Smith & Wollensky waiters serve them their food, which a nearby restaurant in The Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group prepares.

"It's really about a national audience and getting national recognition and excitement," said Tom Cook, evp, creative director at Pedone & Partners in New York, which created the billboard. "It's a bigger PR thing than just the people below."

The "restaurant," whose menu is more or less limited to the items mentioned above, will be open through July 7.

The Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group has 16 restaurants in 7 cities nationwide.