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Agency Financial Report

Who Makes What?
The Adweek/Arthur Andersen Salary Survey

The B Team
Is it too late to build another holding company?

CFO Sighting
Meet the numbers guys at IPG, WPP and Omnicom.

Are agency stocks a good investment?

Crossed Signals
Deutsch's MCI Win Irks Verizon
Before pursuing the MCI business, agency chief Donny Deutsch sought the blessing of client Verizon SuperPages. But when officials at Verizon corporate learned of the win, they balked at the prospect of Deutsch handling both telecom brands. A move is imminent.

Hair-Raising Win
Not everyone associates creative powerhouse and Super Bowl stalwart BBDO with
traditional packaged-goods advertising. That may change now that the agency has wrested the Rogaine brand from its incumbent. A relationship with an executive at the client was the key.

Healthy Dose
Zenith Media has captured $75 million in additional spending from its client AstraZeneca. The media shop persuaded the pharmaceutical company to move its new cholesterol-fighting drug from PHD without a review. The drug, which launches early next year, will compete with Lipitor.

Housekeeping Items
U.K.-based Dyson is looking for two agencies to handle the launch of its appliances in the States. While word-of-mouth is enough to sell the sleek designs overseas, the company plans to pony up about $40 million to build awareness in the U.S. marketplace.

Thumbs Up or Down?
Now that the FCC rules curbing cross- media ownership have been overturned, buyers and sellers are weighing the good and bad. Naturally, the two groups see different sides of the story.

Merkley's Remake
Andy Hirsch and Randy Saitta go way back. They've served as head creatives at New York shop Merkley Newman Harty & Partners for three years, partnered on Mercedes work for eight and have been colleagues since the mid-'80s. Now at Merkley's helm, they're facing their biggest challenge yet. Andrew McMains reports.