Just Asking


We asked execs which dead or long-gone celebrities they'd bring back in ads—and why.

I would bring back the Hamburglar for McDonald's because the advertising world is too clean. It needs more crime. I would have him in a campaign where he steals the Burger King's crown. —Jason Peterson, ecd, Berlin Cameron United, New York

I want to see Clara Peller, the "Where's the beef?" lady. That would be awesome to see her in a new campaign [for Wendy's]. —Kevin Townsend, managing partner, Science+Fiction, San Francisco

Timex should bring back John Cameron Swayze. "It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'" is one of the greatest lines ever. —Buz Sawyer, managing director, Wieden + Kennedy, New York

Frito Bandito and gang. But they'd be driving a fleet of Purina Chuck Wagons for the new U.S. Customs and Border Protection program. —Rob Baker, creative director, The Richards Group, Dallas

I think we should bring back the Pillsbury Doughboy. That type of hilariously awful retro-kitsch would really be fun to see again. What? Oh, never mind. —Nathan Hunt, vp, group creative director, Deutsch, New York

The Hamburglar. He's a klepto, but who can blame him? Mostly, he's a great reminder that there's nothing more desirable in the world than a stack of McDonald's hamburgers. —Will McGinness, creative director, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

I hated [the Redenbacher] commercial. It's the weirdest, most outrageous and stupid thing going. In that spirit, I would resurrect the Chuck Wagon commercial and pull up the little dead horses and little dead cowboys because if they can do that with Orville, they can do that with Chuck Wagon. —Chris Zander, brother, The Family, New York