Just Asking


No, but it'd be a lot of fun. I want to have J. Lo and Marc Anthony redo "Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener" in that really bad ballady [style]. It's not a good idea when you're reviving stuff like that ... because most of the people who see the ad don't have any idea it's a revival.

I actually thought ["Chilltop"] was kinda nice ... but I would have liked to be surprised and feel a bit more than nostalgia. The first thing that comes to mind [to remake] is the funeral spot for Volkswagen, but I think a lot of people have paid homage to it. Maybe the Coca-Cola spot with Mean Joe Green. ... Alka-Seltzer, the spicy meatball.

If nostalgia is part of the brand, it can make sense, but only if it's done in a cool way. I'd like to redo the Pepsi ad where Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire. I'm not sure we saw enough flames in the original cut. I don't know who edited it, but they really dropped the ball. Time to right old wrongs. I like borrowed-interest stuff, so yeah. We've actually tried to do that for our own campaign, ["What happens here, stays here," for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. ] For the Super Bowl we wanted to revive that old "Mean Joe Green" spot, but we thought Coke would go a little crazy and got nervous.

Using Psycho as a reference point ... it's a bad idea to try to top something culturally iconic. There's no place to go but down. It better be damn good or you'll need thick skin ... I'd start with the "Ring around the collar" ads for Wisk. At least I could be sure what I did wouldn't make people want to heave their TVs out the window.